Mexican catering in Naples Florida by Flaco's Restaurant

Flaco’s Mexican Restaurant of Naples can now offers catering service for your business or personal luncheon or event. Fajita’s, Guacamole, Queso fundido, taco’s, enchiladas and all of your favorite Mexican cuisine.

Flaco’s Fajitas> Marinated Choice of Marinated Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, or our Signature Flaco’s Fajita- All three! Sautéed with Onions, Green peppers and Tomatoes. Served with Soft Flour Tortillas.Serves 15
Chicken-$ 129   Shrimp-$144
Steak-$159        Flaco’s-$179
Pechuga Rellena> Chicken Breast with Sautéed onion, Mushrooms, Ham, Cilantro, Melted Cheese and Chipotle sauce. Serves 15
Cerdo Asado (Roasted Pork)> Pork Slices with Sautéed onion, Mushrooms And Melted Cheese. Served with Rice and Refried BeansServes 15
Enchiladas> Flaco’s Classic Enchiladas w Melted Cheese-Choose Protein
>Chicken – Choice of One Sauce-Mexican Sauce, Mole Sauce,       or Tomatillo Suiza
>Ground beef,->with Mexican Sauce
>Seafood-> Florida Grouper and Shrimp w Melted Cheese and Chipotle Sauce
Small -12 Ct 
Cheese –  $  24
Chicken – $  27
Beef –      $  36
Seafood- $  48

Large-33 Ct
Cheese -$48
Chicken – $63
Beef – $69
Seafood- $99
Enchilada Combo> Assortment of Ground Beef, Chicken, and Cheese Enchiladas. Served with Extra Sauce as orderedSmall -12 Ct –
Large-33 Ct –
Burritos>Flour tortilla with beans and Choice of Ground Beef, Chicken,  Bean, or Cheese. Served with Mexican SauceSmall -12 Ct
Bean – $46
Beef –   $39
Seafood- $48
Cheese –  $29
Chicken-  $34

Large-33 Ct
Bean – $69
Beef –   $79
Seafood- $99 
Cheese –  $70
Chicken-  $76
Burrito Combo> Choice of 3- of Ground Beef, Chicken, Cheese or Bean Burritos. Served with Mexican SauceSmall -12 Ct 
$ 36
Large-33 Ct
$ 69
Quesadillas> Flour Tortilla with Melted Cheese to a golden brown. Choice of Cheese only, Mushroom, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, or Our Signature Flaco’s Quesadilla!- Mushroom, Chicken, and Shrimp! Add any Protein for an extra charge! Serves 15
Cheese- $99
Steak -$129
Shrimp- $129
Mexican Beans> Choice of Flaco’s House made Refried beans or Flaco’s Black beans Serves 15 – $48
Original House made Salsa16 Oz (Serves 6)- $9
64 Oz  (Serves 16)-$32
32 Oz (Serves 8)- $19
Sauces (Choice)
Spicy Mexican Sauce,
Green Tomatillo Sauce,
Mexican Red Sauce,
Poblano Mole Sauce,
12 Oz (Serves 6)-$7   
24 Oz (Serves 16)-$12
32 Oz (Serves 16)-$16   
Guacamole12 Oz (Serves 6)- $8
32 Oz (Serves 16)-$19
24 Oz (Serves 12)-$14   
Pico de Gallo12 Oz (Serves 6)- $11
24 Oz (Serves 12)-$16
32 Oz (Serves 16)-$28
64 Oz (Serves 32)-$46
Pickled Jalapeno12 Oz (Serves 6)- $6
32 Oz (Serves 16)-$14
24 Oz (Serves 12)-$10  
Sour Cream12 Oz (Serves 6)- $6
32 Oz (Serves 16)-$12
24 Oz (Serves 12)-$8       
Queso Fundido12 Oz (Serves 6)- $11
32 Oz (Serves 16)-$28
24 Oz (Serves 12)-$16    
Tortilla ChipsBy The pound – 1 Lb. Serves 10 –  $6
Crispy Corn Taco Shells or Tostada ShellsPer Dozen – $4
Soft Flour or Corn TortillasPer Dozen-$3
Mexican RiceServes 15 – $44

Make Your Own Tacos – Beef or Chicken – Service for 15- $79         Service for 25-$129

Make Your Own Tacos – Steak or Shrimp – Service for 15- $89         Service for 25- $169

Served With

-Soft Flour Tortillas-
-Fresh Cilantro
-Shredded Cheese
-Mexican Sauce
-Fresh Shredded Lettuce
-Fresh Diced Tomatoes
-Fresh Diced Onions
-Mexican Sauce-Pickled Jalapeno

Fresh Containers

ContainersSmall          Medium        Large  
-Shredded Lettuce
-Diced Tomato/Onion
-Diced Onion
-Fresh Cilantro
-Sour Cream
-Fresh Jalapeno Slices
-Pickled Jalapeno
-Shredded Mexican Cheese
                $12              $16
$19              $32                $39
$8               $12                $16
$8               $12                      
$8               $12                $14
$8               $12                $18
$10               $14                $18
$14               $16                $28

** Plates, bowls, Cutlery, serving spoons, chafing dishes all available-please ask your Server!

** Consuming raw or undercooked meat, chicken or fish May increase your risk of food borne illness

Homemade Puebla Mole at Flaco's Mexican Specialties and Steakhouse

We offer a carefully crafted Mexican and steaks menu that will suit any palate! Bring your friends and family to Flaco´s Restaurant to experience delicious food in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our dishes are all freshly made using only the highest quality.

We support the local community by sourcing as many ingredients from local farmers in the 2371 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #710 area. Flaco´s Restaurant uses family recipes that have been in the family for generations.

2371 Vanderbilt Beach Rd
Suite 710,
Naples, FL 34109
Phone: 239-431-8733
Secondary phone: 239-431-8744
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    Reviewed January 19, 2023 via mobile Been coming here for years!! One of my favorite Mexican restaurants! Love their salsa and enchiladas. We’ve been coming to Flacos since their old location off 41. Staff is great and so is the food. Date of visit: December 2022